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He can’t seem to face up to the facts


Somebody once said that the difference between Ross Perot and crazy was two billion dollars. Some of our present plutocratic overlords make Perot look like Fred Rogers:

The CEO of Overstock.com resigned from the company Thursday after a bizarre series of interviews where he said he was part of the “deep state” and developed a romantic relationship with Maria Butina, the woman accused of being a Russian spy, ahead of the 2016 election at the behest of the FBI. The resignation came after the company issued a truly wacky press release earlier this month titled “Comments on the Deep State” from company head Patrick Byrne where Byrne confirmed he had had a relationship with Butina and included references to “Men in Black,” “political espionage,” murder, and a reference to the “Omaha Rabbi,” which Byrne says is a moniker for investor Warren Buffet. On Thursday, Byrne appeared on Fox Business News to explain himself. It didn’t help. “I got some request, I did not know who the hell it came from and it was fishy and, three years later, I’m watching television and I realized who it was—it was Peter Strzok and [former FBI Deputy Director] Andy McCabe and that’s who these orders came from,” he toldFox Business during an erratic, emotional back-and-forth.

It’s going to get a lot worse.

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