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Checking in on the White Power Hour


Yup, Tucker Carlson is still doing an astoundingly racist show in prime time on the most-watched cable news network:

If you’re appearing on this show you’re part of the problem, and ditto if you fall for his transparently phony “economic populism”:

That Stoller thread is remarkably dumb even by his “grading Republicans on the most generous possible curve” standards. Yes, if only the Democrat Party had some members truly in touch with the working class like 1)the senator who is one of the most vociferous supporters of Paul Ryan’s campaign to destroy Medicare and Medicaid to fund upper-class tax cuts, 2)the Yale Law School grad and hedge fund grifter who writes about how his moral character is superior to that of working class Appalachians, and 3)the guy who married into a fortune and does a white supremacist hate show on a hate propaganda network. It will never cease to amaze me that this guy gets taken seriously by anybody.

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