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Your android replica is acting up again


White House counselor and Nexus 4 Turing Test beta model Kellyanne Conway says the the personal is political:

After Mr. Trump walked out, Ms. Pelosi turned to other Democrats there and recounted a story about how Thomas Jefferson and Theodore Roosevelt had each brought people together to solve infrastructure problems.

“I knew he was looking for a way out,” Ms. Pelosi concluded. “We were expecting this.”

Kellyanne Conway, the counselor to the president, was in the room. “Respectfully, Madam Speaker, do you have a direct response to the president?”

Ms. Pelosi said she was responding to the president, not members of his staff.

“Really great,” Ms. Conway replied. “That’s really pro-woman of you.”

This in the wake of the Toddler Criminal in Chief’s tantrum, where he walked out of a meeting with Pelosi and Schumer after three minutes, because You’re Not the Boss of Me That’s Why.

At this point he’s pretty much demanding that the House start impeachment proceedings, and it’s increasingly difficult to see why he shouldn’t get his wish.

. . . and I realize marriages can be “complicated,” but damn:

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