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Lights, camera, anti-Semites

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Because this world isn’t horrible enough yet: Bigot and wife-beater Mel Gibson will play Whitelaw Rothchild, the villain in a movie about a family of very rich Jewish bankers.

Gibson’s publicist insists that the movie has nothing to do with the Rothschilds, because why go to the trouble of gaslighting people when you can just tell them the shit sandwich is really yummy patê?

A representative for actor Mel Gibson claimed in a statement Monday evening that the controversial star’s upcoming movie project Rothchild—a film about a fictional ultra-rich, multi-generational family of Jewish bankers—was “completely unrelated” to the Rothschilds, a real life ultra-rich, multi-generational family of Jewish bankers.

“I feel the need to spare you any embarrassment as I’m told this film is about a fictional family (hence the name ‘Rothchild’) vs the Rothschild family to which you are referring,” publicist Gibson’s longtime publicist Alan Nierob wrote in an email. “Completely unrelated to your premise and angle. Hopefully this is helpful to you.” He also sent a summary of the movie for emphasis.

One name has an S and the other doesn’t. Imagine thinking the movie title and titular family are an unsubtle allusion to the Rothschilds. How foolish.

Here’s a synopsis of the movie from Variety.

LaBeouf plays Becket Rothchild, who was cast out from the family. As an adult the charismatic Becket hatches a plan to get back into the family and claim his birth right. There are nine Rothchild family members who stand between him and his fortune including Whitelaw (Gibson), the family patriarch and villain of the piece.


“Rothchild is a satirical and thrilling ride, and I am elated to be working with a filmmaker like Jon Baird, who not only has an incredible track record of guiding award-winning performances, but is crafting this film to be an action packed cautionary tale on wealth and power,” said Kjarval.

HanWay Films MD Gabrielle Stewart added: “The divide between the super-rich and the rest of the world is an ever growing one, and it’s both fun and fascinating to delve into its inner bowels along with our hero trying to scramble to the top and claim his piece.”

So far as I can tell Franz Liebkind is not currently involved in this movie.

The family could have been a bunch of Christians named Walon, but apparently the producers wanted unsubtle and anti-Semitic. And because that wasn’t enough they asked a man known for anti-Semitic comments to play a mean nasty rich Jewish man.

It’s already so horrible that the mind refuses to contemplate what the actual movie might be like.

It would be nice to think that someone, somewhere will have the clout to put this piece of garbage where it belongs and drop a match on it. More likely it will be lauded for its transgressiveness, because nothing says bold and edgy like wallowing in one of the longest-running forms of hatred. For my part, when I do go see a movie, it won’t be one by Unified Pictures.

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