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So Many Indispensable Men


Hmm, with Steve Bullock making it official let’s check in on how the dudes passing up potentially winnable Senate campaigns for vanity presidential campaigns are doing:

O’Rourke, Hickenlooper, Bullock, and Castro, who could run for Senate against GOP incumbents (in TX/CO/MT/TX) but are running for president instead, are polling at 2%, 1%, 0%, and 0%. https://t.co/M35Toxuxs2— Taniel (@Taniel) May 12, 2019

Not only are all these campaigns hopeless, only Beto ever had an even remotely colorable story about how he could get out of the Tulsi tier of candidates. Oh well, it’s not like the Senate has a veto over the next president’s judicial nominees or anything, and the memories you get from a presidential campaign nobody ever remembers even existed a year before the general election last forever.

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