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I guess it’s not brain surgery


Appointing someone who admits to being completely unqualified for a job, and who also happens to be black, to that very job is exactly what one would expect a racist to do, since that’s a racist’s definition of “affirmative action” in action.

[Carson’s] critics say a career in medicine is not the right training for someone running a vast federal housing bureaucracy.

“He has a powerful personal story that could connect him to a lot of families that rely on HUD assistance,” Ms. Liu said. “He just needs to use that personal story to listen and empathize — and really learn about the latest innovations in the field.’’

To be fair, Carson’s boss is also going for the full on the job training route (I doubt Donald Trump could pass a ninth-grade civics test).

And then there’s this nifty bit of framing in the Paper of Record:

“There’s a lot of anxiety now, because this election was about the heartland versus the coastal elites; we’re going to need a HUD secretary who governs both,” Ms. Liu said.

That would be “Amy Liu, the director of the Metropolitan Policy Program at the left-leaning Brookings Institution in Washington.”  With “leftists” like this who needs reactionaries?

Current popular vote totals:

Denizens of the Heartland:


Coastal Elites:


We’re going to need a bigger espresso maker.

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