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Is there a Both Sides angle to Donnie Trump’s Skittles Tweet? [Joe Walsh, still garbage Update]


Of course, and the NYT found it.

But Mr. Trump’s comparison of men, women and children displaced by a horrific civil war to a chewy candy was hardly the first time he had been accused of poor taste. If his sister Ivanka Trump has become known for her polish and message discipline, he has distinguished himself by wading frequently into the shadowy waters of white supremacy, anti-Semitism, incendiary language and conspiracy theories.

Other political candidates and officeholders, including Hillary and Bill Clinton, have also had relatives attract unflattering attention. But rarely are those family members so central to a campaign. Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric Trump — the children from the elder Mr. Trump’s first marriage, to Ivana Trump — all spoke at the Republican National Convention and have been key players in their father’s White House run.

I hope the first two sentences of the second graph aren’t squished beneath all of the weight they are being forced to carry.

Update since it came up in the comments – child support dodging congressdud turned radio loud mouth Joe Walsh wants everyone to know he is the creator of the Skittles tweet.

A former Illinois congressman is joining the flap by claiming he invented the comparison. Joe Walsh, who is now a radio talk show host heard locally and around the country, actually did tweet the controversial comparison some time ago.

“Donald Trump, Jr., stole my tweet. And you know what? God bless him!” Walsh said.

Walsh said it was his tweet several months ago asking his followers whether they would eat Skittles from a bowl contaminated with three pieces that inspired Donald Trump, Jr.’s controversial tweet.

“The point of the tweet is important. If you got a bag of Skittles or peanuts and three of ’em are gonna kill you, are you gonna eat the damn bag? No! And that’s what we should think about with this whole refugee thing,” Walsh said.

Did he say peanuts?

The Intercept notes The Other as poisonous food has been around a while.

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