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Janet Mock: activist, writer and transwoman

The Federalist has gone feminist, y’all! And they are very concerned that Caitlyn Jenner is bad for feminism. I had no idea you guys cared, Federalist! Welcome to Team Screechy Professional Victim!

…These carpet-baggers to womanhood are trying to prove to all of us that what it really means to be a woman is to pose in a playboy bunny outfit and make kissy faces at men. They reinforce this idea to teenage girls: go put on the miniskirt, honey, celebrate Jenner’s beauty, and try to exemplify it in your own life.

It’s almost as if transwomen are… women, who are subject to the same pressures all women in our culture are subjected to. It’s almost as if a high-profile transwoman might feel pressure to “put on her best face,” as it were, when she comes out to the world.


…For years, a major aim of the sexual revolution has been to deconstruct gender differences as being “social constructs”…

This is the ideology that governs liberal sexual philosophy, and it collides head-on with major aspects of the transgender movement. Transgenderism is unavoidably based on a kind of gender essentialism…

Well, for those transwomen who are very high-profile, perhaps you’re right. I’m sure that many transwomen who are in the public eye feel pressure to perform femininity. But not all of them do. I look forward your articles on Martine Rothblatt, praising her for the good she does feminism, by eschewing artifice and gender norms. I’ll just sit right here and wait for them. I won’t have to wait long. Right? Right?


Oh, Federalist. Your concern has been noted.

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