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How to Subscribe to Lawyers, Guns & Money: The Podcast


If for some inconceivable reason you prefer your podcast clean-shaven, you can skip watching Rob and I debate the merits of The Hobbit and download it in .mp3 format or listen to the lot of us discussing all sorts of things in the years to come by subscribing to the RSS feed for the new podcast (We’ll also slap a link to it in the sidebar shortly.)

The .mp3 is a little bare-bones at this moment—striking a balance between Hannity and NPR without sounding like the mutant child of Steven A. Smith and Ira Glass is exactly as difficult as it sounds—but I’ll be working on introductions and segues and reminders that unlike its competitors, Lawyers, Guns & Money is a user-supported blog that can’t continue to provide the coverage of whatever it is we cover without the continued support of readers like you. So if you have a used car that’s just sitting in the garage collecting dust, considering donating it to me because mine’s making this cluh-tunk-a-tunk sound every time I accelerate. Where was I?

That’s right: one danger of having the deaf guy in charge of the volume knob is that what sounds right to me might cause you immediate and permanent damage, but I think I’ve got the volume and volume-leveling of the .mp3 within the normal range. If not just drop me a line.

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