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MLA Job Leaks


The main site can be found here. Please “Like” the Facebook page (and share with like-minded friends) if you find the site’s manifesto compelling (which you should):

  • We believe access to the jobs list should be available to all prospective faculty members, not just those with financial means.
  • We believe that a policy that publishes the list “openly” only occasionally, and gives full access to others who pay, isn’t really open.
  • We believe that the profession is better served by being transparent and accessible.
  • We believe that if other professional academic organizations can distribute their lists freely, than so can the MLA. (The MLA should be a leader, not a follower.) (American Historical Association and American Mathematical Society are both free.)
  • We believe that a policy which requires individuals to choose between paying and restricted access hurts the most disadvantaged of our community.
  • We believe that all those who are part of the MLA community should help address this problem and distribute the job list, however and whenever possible.
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