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What Would Qualify As An Anti-Muslim Sentiment?


Shorter Col. Mustard:  The attacks on Marty Peretz are grossly unfair.   He didn’t literally say that Muslims should be deprived of First Amendment rights; he merely said that they were unworthy of First Amendment rights.   I don’t see any anti-Muslim sentiment there at all!

You might wonder how Jacobson would deal with the fact that Peretz himself has conceded that his unambiguously anti-Muslim comments were beyond the pale.   But don’t worry, the Duke of Dijon is nothing if not up on every point in the winger rebuttal book:

The fact that Peretz feels obligated to respond shows that the accusations that he is anti-Muslim were very damaging and growing, from people who didn’t like him to begin with.

Yes, Marty is the real victim here!    He’s paid a severe price for his extensive history of similar comments.   Why, a decade ago he had a comfortable sinecure as editor of The New Republic, and now…this is central to his point.

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