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I would like to think this is a satire of wingnut racism and sexism, but alas: Darleen Click must be upset that she didn’t think of this first… In related news, I couldn’t resist watching the Hannity re-run, on which Ben Shapiro and some other very dumb person opened up Al Capone’s vault. Derrick Bell […]
Good. And here’s a blast from the past with a winning strategy: On Tuesday, Rick Lazio, a Republican candidate for governor, appeared at the vote, in an auditorium at Pace University near City Hall, to oppose the project. Rick Lazio is still alive? And running for governor? Sad, really; I’m old enough to remember when […]

GOP Lawbreakers

On August 3, 2010

Republican contempt for the Constitution continues: In the House, Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Tex.) has introduced the Birthright Citizenship Act of 2009, which would attempt to deny children of illegal immig

You might think that Jeffrey “how dare Shirley Sherrod call a mob beating someone to death because of his race a lynching” Lord would try to stop digging once he saw that even his colleagues at the American Spectator wanted nothing to do with his grotesque arguments, but you would be wrong. Some people really […]
I happened to spot this little item at a Soulless Chain Bookstore recently — apparently disgraced governor George Allen has decided to devote a whole book to making stupid conservative talking points via sports cliches. It should have one of the quickest paths to the remainder tables since Bush Country. But you do have to […]
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