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Measles is the Jew of public health fascism


Via David Gorski, it appears that The Refusers are not, in fact, a parody of the eclectic anti-vaccination rock and/or roll you grew up with:

Inspired by his previous career as a LA session player and recording artist, Michael [Belkin] has brought infectious elements of funk, gospel, rock, and even a touch of punk to this project. Combining this with his pointed lyrics discussing vaccine issues and government-mandated intrusion into our personal lives, The Refusers embodies, in the great American tradition of protest music, a sound that will be heard around the world. With lyrics like “they can keep their flu vaccine” and “a vaccine needle stole my baby away,” this record will have you on your feet shouting “keep your mandates out of my body”!

It will also try to persuade you that World Health Organization is pushing the influenza vaccine as part of some sort of coordinated response to the 1999 WTO protests. I wish I were kidding about that. Elsewhere, Belkin devotes an entire song to comparing the Centers for Disease Control (a federal agency that spends almost 90 percent of its budget on grants) to the Nazi secret police (a federal agency that administered the concentration camps). Belkin and the Refusers appeared at today’s Autism quackstock in Grant Park; they were joined at the rally by Andrew Wakefield, whose odious (and retracted) “research” into MMR and autism will certainly rank him among the greatest frauds in the history of medicine. I’m not sure whether to feel more pity for Wakefield or Belkin, though I suppose they deserve each other.

…and apparently it gets worse! The Refusers are evidently led by the “impeccable beat of drummer Brendan Hill,” one of the founding members of Blues Traveler — a band for whom an effective vaccine has not yet emerged from Phase I trials.

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