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Actually, I think the Tooth Fairy is a better bet


Wonkette suggests a much more likely possibility than the “Hillary for Veep” being touted by Drudge. The problem with Drudge’s argument, of course, is that it will be *Bill* Clinton who will be the veep–Hillary will be the nominee after the brokered convention. I mean, clearly Drudge is behind on his Dick Morris, and since the latter is never wrong about anything…Anyway, any analysis of the Democratic Party that doesn’t start with the premise that it is set up entirely for the benefit of and run by Bill and Hillary Clinton just isn’t serious. If you don’t accept this obvious truth, you’ll never be a regular on Press the Meat like the always-coherent Bill Safire.

I really wish the Drudges of the world were forced to put their money where their mouth is. Attention wingnuts: I’ll take anyone’s action on Hillary being on the ticket in 2004. You take Hillary, and can even take Bill, and I’ll take “field.” I’ll generously give you 2-1 odds, minimum bet $1,000. Come on, who’s first?

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