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When even the Tories call you “recklessly incompetent”. . .


Tom Schaller commenting on a David Broder column at Gadflyer:

And that’s because we’ve reached the point in American discourse (if one can still call it that) where not even criticism from our closest allies dare be uttered. Indeed, when foreigners point out the emperor’s lack of clothing, that’s merely further confirmation that his wardrobe is more beautiful and complete than previously imagined.

Apparently, even the Tories are calling Bush “recklessly incompetent”. Labour not named Blair, and everyone on the continent, is saying the same or worse.

Contrast this with Bill Safire, who really seems to believe that the French and German electorates are on the verge of turning out Schroeder and Chirac for opposing the war. Schroeder will lose, but not for his opposition to the war. I doubt anyone is going to beat Chirac.

As I’ve mentioned before, the 2004 election is a critical moment for relations with our allies in Europe. A lot of the damage will be undone if we simply show enough wisdom to toss Bush and his merry band onto the rubbish heap.


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