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NCAA: I Wish I Knew How to Quit You…

[ 6 ] December 31, 2010 |

Four brief points signifying my inability to resolve the contradiction between my contempt for the NCAA cartel and my love of college athletics:

1. Congratulations to the Stanford Cardinal on ending UConn’s 90 game win streak last night!

2. Mystified congrats to the Washington Huskies for beating Nebraska last night.  Wow.

3. I do think that the NCAA should adopt the NFL rule in situations like that which extended the UNC-UT game last night.  A 12 men on the field penalty shouldn’t serve as an informal extra time out.

4. LAMICHAEL!!!!!!


LGM Bowl Mania!

[ 1 ] December 13, 2010 |

I have created an LGM Bowl Mania league.   Let’s remember; the default point arrangement has the BYU-UTEP game as the most important (35 point) game, and the UO-Auburn game as the least important (1 point).  This is to say that higher numbers indicate more confidence.  You’d think that the fine readership of LGM could manage this problem, but last year there were… issues.

League: Lawyers, Guns and Money

Password: zevon

As always, there will be a prize.  Deadline is the 18th of December.

Deluxe Apartment in the Sky…

[ 19 ] December 4, 2010 |

I guess that’s not all. I have BELIEVED.  Since Bill Musgrave’s junior year, I have believed that this might be possible.  Through Danny O’Neill, and Tony Graziani, Akili Smith and Joey Harrington, Kellen Clemens and Dennis Dixon, Jeremiah Masoli and Darrin Thomas, I have believed that THIS MIGHT BE THE YEAR.  The first year that I can remember a national championship being spoken of openly in Eugene was 1996, in which Graziani told the Daily Emerald that the Ducks true goal was not just the Rose Bowl, but the national title.  Things did not go well that year.  Oregon since 1987 has been fabulously successful, but only in 2001, 2007, and now have they been spoken of realistically in national title terms.  Ironically enough, 2007 and 2010 were the only years wherein I had serious doubts about the ability of the Ducks to compete.  The 2007 game against Arizona, perhaps because of my incertitude, remains one of the most crushing moments of my adult life.  I remember saying to Oregon alums at my December 2007 wedding, “I wish we could have met again under happier circumstances.”

But now we have a national championship game.  I’m glad that it’s against Auburn; I have no doubt that the Ducks will prevail, and there’s no way that the SEC fans who surround me would ever take seriously a championship not won against an SEC team.   Until January 10…


[ 15 ] December 4, 2010 |

That is all.

Best idea since Irwin Mainway’s Bag ‘o Glass

[ 40 ] November 16, 2010 |


Illinois and Northwestern are playing a college football game at Wrigley Field on Saturday. That’s an actual photograph of one end zone.

My favorite detail is the advertising signage at the spot where the brick wall intersects the goal post.

Hope we don’t see any incidents of paralysis followed by frivolous lawsuits.

Huskies at Autzen

[ 8 ] November 6, 2010 |

This isn’t really a rivalry as much as an annual public execution, so it’s probably time to stop playing this video:

Greatest moment of my life, with the official exceptions of my wedding and the birth of my daughters. Maybe I’ll stop playing it next year…

…well, that was barely devastating, and only mildly dominant. They’ll need a much stronger effort if they have any hope to win by 35 at Cal.

Irish Fail

[ 13 ] October 30, 2010 |

Brief thoughts on Notre Dame football:

So I’ll meet you at the bottom if there really is one
They always told me when you hit it you’ll know it
But I’ve been falling so long it’s like gravity’s gone and I’m just floating

It’s not like NBC to make bad decisions…


[ 25 ] October 17, 2010 |

Ladies and gents, I present the undefeated, number one ranked Oregon Ducks.

This is the first #1 ranking in the history of the program. The word is that Boise State will be #1 when the first BCS standings are released tonight. That’s appropriate, given the strength of BSU’s schedule thus far. Oregon has a much tougher road from here on out, however, and if both teams are undefeated at the end of the season Oregon will likely have the #1 position. The Nebraska and Ohio State defeats help both teams by making it less likely that either will get jumped in the standings, although BSU really has more to worry about than Oregon on this point.

Big time NCAA sports are truly a loathsome institution. Nevertheless, I can’t help but feel enormous pride at how far the Oregon program has come. Such are the contradictions… Go Ducks!

…and this is why they pay me the big bucks! I could handle an OU-UO championship game

“I Hate Tennessee”

[ 12 ] September 10, 2010 |

In honor of tomorrow’s Oregon-Tennessee tilt, I feel compelled to repost this:

Loomis and I are leaving for MordorKnoxville early tomorrow morning. Pray for our safe return.

So, About That Thing…

[ 12 ] March 11, 2010 |
  1. Yes, I am exceedingly displeased that Jermiah Masoli has been charged with burglary.
  2. Yes, this does rather seem to be part of a pattern of behavior on the part of Oregon football players, and yes, it does produce some difficult questions about Chip Kelley’s tenure.
  3. Yes, it’s best to reserve judgment on Masoli until he’s actually been convicted of something. If he did participate in the burglary, however, he’s an idiot; a first tier Heisman candidate has a lot to lose through such behavior, and the word is that he’ll probably get kicked off the team.
  4. Yes, it did occur to me to think that “this kind of thing wouldn’t happen in Kentucky,” meaning that a star player would be unlikely to face burglary charges.
  5. Yes, I am genuinely ashamed of #4, both because Masoli should clearly be prosecuted for whatever he’s done (the same goes for LaMichael James), and because it’s pretty unfair to Lexington.
  6. And finally, yes; big time NCAA football and basketball should be broken up and replaced with genuine minor leagues in both sports, a move that would be good for the athletes and good for the institutions.

Running Up The Score

[ 0 ] January 8, 2010 |

I don’t really understand this particular criticism of Saban. If they had the ball with under a minute and no timeouts, OK (although, even then, trying to “run up the score” would actually be against your team’s interests, so who cares?) But if you can’t run down the clock by kneeling, I don’t see the problem with running the ball making it a three-score game to ensure the championship if you can. Then again, while there may be some exceptions in extreme cases, when it comes to big-time college or professional sports, I’m not very sympathetic to bitching about “running up the score” in any case. If you don’t like the other team to run up the score, stop them. You’re not playing squash with a frail grandparent or something.

All Hail the LGM Bowl Mania Victor!

[ 0 ] January 3, 2010 |

Unless my math fails, J. Theibault has assumed an insurmountable lead in the 2009-10 LGM Bowl Mania competition. Kudos and congrats are due! Mr. Theibault should contact me at his earliest convenience regarding prize info.

As usual, an enterprising soul could have made a killing by betting against my picks. Something to remember for next year…

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