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So, About That Thing…

  1. Yes, I am exceedingly displeased that Jermiah Masoli has been charged with burglary.
  2. Yes, this does rather seem to be part of a pattern of behavior on the part of Oregon football players, and yes, it does produce some difficult questions about Chip Kelley’s tenure.
  3. Yes, it’s best to reserve judgment on Masoli until he’s actually been convicted of something. If he did participate in the burglary, however, he’s an idiot; a first tier Heisman candidate has a lot to lose through such behavior, and the word is that he’ll probably get kicked off the team.
  4. Yes, it did occur to me to think that “this kind of thing wouldn’t happen in Kentucky,” meaning that a star player would be unlikely to face burglary charges.
  5. Yes, I am genuinely ashamed of #4, both because Masoli should clearly be prosecuted for whatever he’s done (the same goes for LaMichael James), and because it’s pretty unfair to Lexington.
  6. And finally, yes; big time NCAA football and basketball should be broken up and replaced with genuine minor leagues in both sports, a move that would be good for the athletes and good for the institutions.
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