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I’ve been arguing for some time that progressives too often have their heads in the sand about the transnational dimensions of right-wing extremism, kleptocracy, and oligarchy. This was an important theme of my recent piece in Foreign Affairs. You would think, for example, that the socialist left would recognize the parallels with the first half of […]
Scott Gilmore, writing in Maclean’s recommends that American allies use, in effect, targeted sanctions against the President of the United States. These efforts, like the diplomatic strategies before now, will not work. If Trump revokes the tariffs, or begins to support NATO, or returns to the Paris Accord, it will not be because our diplomats became […]

Normalizing Trump

On April 9, 2018

In late March, ABC News reported that the Republican National Committee has spent nearly $1 million at Trump properties since the election. In total, “Republican-affiliated” groups have &#

As I’ve mentioned before, I currently edit an academic international-relations journal, International Studies Quarterly. Its contents are intended for a specialized, scholarly audience, but some of what we publish is likely to be of interest to the more general LGM readership. I previously blogged about Noelle K. Brigden’s ethnographic study of Central American migrants to […]
Noah Smith argues that China’s a bigger economic power than the United States. In Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) terms, which Smith does a nice job of explaining, China’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is already likely higher than that of the United States. And, at comparative growth rates that don’t seem unreasonable given macroeconomic conditions, China’s […]
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