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I am, overall, very pleased with yesterday’s foreign-policy speech. At its core, Sanders laid out an internationalist agenda, one that recognizes the interdependence of progressive domestic and foreign policy. He opened with a call to “broaden our understanding of what foreign policy is,” and laid out how core progressive concerns—the use of force, budget priorities, […]
Jana Winter and Elias Groll got ahold of the memo that led to Rich Higgins’ resignation from the National Security Council (NSC), as well as some additional details about the whole mess, and, well, you need to read the story. The full memo, dated May 2017, is titled “POTUS & Political Warfare.” It provides a […]
EXCLUSIVE: Gorka says banal cliches, Breitbart treats him like Clausewitz. https://t.co/0tnlQp4NEq — Daniel W. Drezner (@dandrezner) July 31, 2017 I make it a general policy not to read Breitbart, but I’m sure that LGM readers will understand that why I found this irresistible clickbait. And, lo, my indiscretion was rewarded. In the fantasy novel Sourcery, Terry Pratchett […]
If you’re on Twitter, you should be following Colin Kahl’s feed. Not only was Colin the Deputy National Security Advisor under Obama—and therefore knows stuff—but he was also involved in the transition process, which gives him insights into the workings of this rather opaque and unusual White House. This morning—as I learned from Cheryl Rofer— he […]
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