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It should be abundantly clear to any regular readers that I am not one to criticize the S-CHIP reauthorization effort. That remains unchanged. But what I do think is worthy of criticism — or a least a critical eye — is the way S-CHIP is being sold. The Frosts (and the successors, below) are blameless […]

Your Tax Dollars!

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On October 9, 2007
It’s a minor example among the countless ones of the Bush administration’s fiscal incontinence, but the money the Bush administration is using to fund useless abstinence-only programs and useless abstinence-only advertising campaigns makes it pretty clear that the veto of SCHIP was not about the money, but about the horrifying prospect that providing insurance to […]
In addition to what Roy says, I’d like to highlight this odd part of Megan McArdle’s counter to Ezra’s attack on Giuliani’s health plan: Moreover, as a class, the old and sick have some culpability in their ill health. They didn’t eat right or excercise; they smoked; they didn’t go to the doctor as often […]
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