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President Xi Jinping Greets Secretary Tillerson (33139050550).jpg
President Xi Jinping with (former) Secretary of State Rex Tillerson

So, huh.  I guess you and I know as much about the reason Trump fired Rex as Rex does…

Immediate thoughts…

  • Rex was a moderate on Iran, so makes that worse.
  • Rex was, relatively speaking, more likely to call out Russia than Trump. So that’s not good.
  • On North Korea… who the hell knows?

18 months ago, Rex Tillerson was a significant figure in American life, but not a terribly memorable one; I doubt very many would have taken note of his passing. Now, he has a strong claim to being the least competent, least effective person ever to serve as the Secretary of State of the United States of America, an honor which will no doubt decorate his obituary. In comments, please offer any alternative candidates for Worst Secretary of State Ever. Note that I am reluctant to accept candidates such as Henry Kissinger or John Foster Dulles, who were relatively effective at least under their own terms. This should be a parade of the inept.

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