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This story about Granger, IN, where a beloved local restaurant owner was senselessly deported, is exceptionally good — it’s a story largely about Trump supporters from which you’ll actually learn something. The whole thing is worth reading, but we can start at the end:

“They say it’s Trump, but I don’t know if it’s Trump,” Banfi said. “All I know is, I want them back home.”

That day, she worked a double shift at Beef O’Brady’s, where families were starting to pile in for trivia night. In the evening, as the host pitched questions about which country invented the bobsled and what state is the birthplace of the Star Spangled Banner, Banfi walked to the soda fountain and filled a red glass with iced tea.

It belonged to Matheny, one of the regulars at Eddie’s. He couldn’t bring himself to go back either. But his fury over Trump’s decision has subsided. Immigration, he said, was a theoretical issue. What he sees around him each day is a stronger country.

“The truth is, we are focused on a lot of the bad in this country, but a lot of things are going great,” Matheny said. “No one wants to admit the economy is better, but it’s better. My taxes are down. Roberto is gone, but there’s reason to be optimistic. I prefer to be optimistic.”

Roberto was unavailable for comment.

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