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Sex puts coverage of Her Emails in context

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It is important to keep hammering away at the fact that any news organization that decided to obsessively cover CLINTON’S EMAIL SERVER SAFETY PROTOCOL THING failed at its one job.

But it helps to put that decision into context. By the time it became obvious that Donald d’Orange was not going to drop out of the race and he would be the GOP nominee for president, dozens of people had decided to ignore the trail of slime the man left wherever he goes and keep writing about Her Emails. That’s why it took someone like Michael Wolff to reveal one of d’Orange’s favorite hobbies is having sex with other people’s wives. And we’re learning about his negotiations to keep a woman from telling everyone how bad he is in the sack now, rather than right before the election.

President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer brokered a $130,000 payment to a porn actress to prevent her from publicly discussing an alleged sexual encounter with Trump, according to a report Friday in The Wall Street Journal.

Trump met Stephanie Clifford, who goes by the name Stormy Daniels in films, at a golf event in 2006 — a year after Trump’s marriage to his wife, Melania. According to the Journal’s report, Clifford began talking with ABC News in the fall of 2016 for a story involving an alleged relationship with Trump, but reached a $130,000 deal a month before the election, which prevented her from going public.

Consider: The press was presented with a thrice-married man involved in the beauty pageant and modeling industries. Reporters stuck to reporting on Clinton’s emails.

Allegations that d’Orange had sexually assaulted a number of women and girls piled up. Clinton’s emails remained more important.

He was recorded making a number of crude comments about women, with the climax being he could grab women by the p—– and aside from a brief flurry of pundits using the p-word, the story quickly faded into some muttering about locker room talk. And then it was back to Clinton’s emails!

On it’s own, the CLINTON’S EMAIL SERVER SAFETY PROTOCOL THING was never, ever, interesting. Compared to multiple scandals about sex and pseudosexual violence, the column furlongs devoted to But Her Emails become the sort of sleep aid that gets pulled from the market because too many people who take it never wake up again. Not only did a number of outlets pass on the chance to keep the public informed and engaged — and in some cases titillated — they passed on the money that would have come from covering a political sex scandal. Is it reasonable to assume these outlets can accurately gauge, much less report on, reality? No. That’s why we’re constantly bombarded by articles about Ardent tRump Supporters Who Live Far Away articles.

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