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A form of reasoning that consists of an incredibly lazy premise, a supremely ignorant premise, and a conclusion designed to comfort the comfortable.

One would think that after his declaration about a white man displaying obnoxious, attention-seeking behavior, he would shut up.

You cannot and do not win anything when your numbers look like Trump’s. I can’t say it any more clearly than that. There’s nothing you can say or do — not that Trump would ever even consider going on an image rehabilitation tour — to change how people feel about you. Republicans know Trump. And they really, really don’t like him.

Trump, of course, knows this. His goal is attention, not winning. And in truth, even that would be fine if Trump had an issue (or issues) that he cared about and wanted to draw attention to via his presidential bid. He doesn’t. He just says stuff. Lots and lots of stuff. And it’s not clear that he’s spent more than the five seconds before he speaks thinking about what he’s going to say.

Trump has every right to run. This is a democracy after all. But what he should not get is covered as though this is an even-close-to-serious attempt to either win the Republican nomination or influence the conversation in GOP circles in any significant way. It’s not.

But then one remembers this is Chris Cillizza.

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  • Oppen

    Oh my god, there are 200 Nazi’s marching! Oh my god!

    This clearly merits a 3 day social media freakout and thousands of posts across the blogosphere and twitterverse!

    People who don’t freak out about this are enablers!!!


    The dumbasses who apparently believe this are taking a page from Trump’s mental playbook: How to deal with a minor irritant like Kim Jong Un? Well make a bnuch of tough-sounding tweets about him. You know, get on his level, that will show him.


    • Owlbear1

      Silence has always been taken as approval.

    • Hogan

      Because FREAKING OUT!!! and ignoring it are clearly the only options.


      • Oppen

        Don’t you understand, this is exactly like Berlin in 1933.

        • Hogan

          More like Munich in 1923. So no big.

    • McAllen

      Dickhead, a person died, and a lot more people got hurt.

    • brad

      It’s a lot easier to ignore when it’s not targeted at you. Cillizza blithely elides that he can walk among those folk unmolested, it’s not his problem.

    • humanoidpanda

      Pretending for a second this Oppen dude is not a troll: sure, their actual numbers are not huge ( closer to 2,000 than 200 but still ). What matters is that they feel safe enough to march in the open, and that the US president feels he needs them enough for avoid an outright condemnation.

      • ExpatJK

        Yes, this is the point. It’s not a Nuremberg Rally, and quite frankly most of these people are but pale and far less dapper shadows of their 1930s/1940s idols, but it is nonetheless a disturbing development.

      • Hogan

        What matters is that they feel safe enough to march in the open

        And in a place where they know they’re not welcome. Which is the point.

    • JKTH

      Ooh just what I wanted, Oppen’s take on this.

    • Clearly, ignoring the problem is invariably the solution.

  • Scott Lemieux

    Amusingly, Cillizza’s position also happens to be the (current) position of Emmett Resnin, the most radical radical in the history of radicalism: https://twitter.com/readwritenap/status/896404756079542272

    • jim, some guy in iowa

      it’s not a very big group, maybe Rensin should pop over with some brochures and explain how his economic priorities will make those guys forget about this nasty race stuff

    • Lit3Bolt

      How dare you mock Emmett’s calloused worker hands?

    • Aaron Morrow

      Both Sides of the mouth Do It?

  • Lit3Bolt

    “Amusing Little Rapscallion Becomes Leader Of Germany.” —

    Kristof Cilizza in 1933

  • farin

    It’ll be a fine day when Cillizza’s auto-erotic asphyxiation finally goes wrong.

    • The coroner will have trouble prying the picture of Ivanka Trump from his cold, dead hand.

      • N__B

        You misspelled “Mary.”

      • Do you have any idea how sickening that is to picture?

  • keta

    Cillizza will have to change his emoticon-face-American-pulse-journo-insight now that someone has been killed.

    “Work, work, work,” sighs the hardest-wonking man in schmo business.

  • Sharon1W

    I think Cilliza’s gotten more fatuous since he moved to CNN.

    • Hogan

      It’s like peak wingnut. You think you’re there, and then you’re beyond it.

      • LosGatosCA

        Peak wingnut, peak stupidity, peak human imperfection.

        Renewable resources never reach peak, each generation introduces their own reasons to outdo prior generations on these and other dimensions.

        The worst ever analogy was that wingnut was a ‘fever’ that could be broken.

        No, it’s not a fever, no it’s not peaking or breaking. It’s the dark side of human nature. It may ebb and flow but it’s always supplying tremendous negative energy to counter human progress.

    • david spikes

      Nah, he reached peak fatheadedness with his very first column and has never retreated an inch.

  • Aaron Morrow

    Does “we” include CNN, and does “bigots” include people who attacked Clinton for being a woman?

    Questions, questions.

  • Joe Paulson
  • Kubricks_Rube

    Ignore them, Chris? Remind me: How recently did Jeffrey Lord work at CNN again?

    • D Sidhe

      But he ignored that.

  • Hypersphericalcow

    I first read that post title as “Cillizzorgasm”, and threw up in my mouth a little.

  • Even for Cillizza, this is kind of moronic. Maybe David Brooks is his god?

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