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Dave Swarbrick, RIP



The great British folk-rock violinist has died. Like Guy Clark, Dave Swarbrick did not exactly lead a life that one would call healthy. He was actually reported dead in the 90s, but was only in the hospital. I will always remember him primarily for his fiddling on “A Sailor’s Life” when he was with Fairport Convention.

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  • Anna in PDX

    Oh no! This is a hell of a year. His compilations with Martin Carthy are some of my favorite albums ever.

  • a_paul_in_mtl

    He also had an interesting songwriting collaboration going with Richard Thompson for a year or so in Fairport Convention, which made their 1970 album “Full House” such a delight that you barely miss Sandy Denny.

    • Anna in PDX

      That is a great album.

  • Thirtyish

    Oh, man. RIP.

  • John Revolta

    Oh fuck.

  • petesh

    Sad but not unexpected. RIP.

    Thinking of the undead, there is a nice web chat with Wilko Johnson, who (for the uninitiated) was given 10 months to live, spent it doing a farewell tour … and then was cured, give or take a barrel of daily pills, to great rejoicing. And no, if you bought a ticket, you’re not getting your money back.

  • Kerans

    I keep thinking he sang Now Be Thankfull on the FC documentary. A highlight, especially considering having to watch Ric Sanders take his place in the same film. I think he had a voice like Ronnie Lane, I’m not sure why.

    • petesh

      Good call on Ronnie Lane. They both sounded like a guy down the pub, except of course they were both unusually talented, and both were rooted in the tradition that music is played by and for folk.

  • Anna in PDX

    Listening to “Jack Orion” right now. *sigh*

  • Pseudonym

    One of my favorite songs off one of my favorite albums. I’ll have to check out more of his stuff.

  • slothrop1

    This is pretty sad for lovers of the superior Brit-folk scene. I have to say that, regrettably, Unhalbricking includes far too many Dylan covers. Fortunately, the covers are much better than the originals.

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