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Double Clean Energy Funding



The White House wants to double clean energy funding. Of course, doing so has to pass a Republican Congress seeking to torpedo it because it’s love of oppressing gays is far greater than it’s desire to govern.

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  • rea

    Global warming is a socialist . . . glub, glub glub . . .

  • c u n d gulag

    Let’s see how much of a “Socialist Scam” this old, fat, white, “MORAN!,” thinks it is, when he has to escape with his imbecile family when the floods come, and sea levels rise!

    The weather, is local.
    The climate, you fucking MORANS!, is GLOBAL!
    You know, countries that ain’t ‘Murka!
    But include ‘Murka!!!

    Check out the flooding in TX, the largest home-state of MORANS!!
    It’s drowning in floods, after years of drought.

    Move there!
    But then, STFU when after years of drought, the flood waters drown your sorry stupid asses!

    • Manju

      Carbon Bigfootprint Is rael !!

      • c u n d gulag




  • n00chness

    The key thing to note here is the Democrats and their neowhatever thingies. It’s totally corrupt, and rigged to boot.


  • Vance Maverick

    Images like this always remind me of a city council meeting I attended as a college student, when I was working for a nonprofit over the summer. As I came in, someone handed me a sign reading (as best I can remember) “The Fair Housing Commission is a Fraud, Fraud, Fraud!” I can still remember my embarrassment as a TV news camera scanned me up and down. (But I certainly can’t remember whether the commission was a fraud, or even whether I had an opinion at the time.)

    All that said, this guy, with his tongue hanging out like a cat in a meme, sure looks like he believes what he’s wielding.

  • If global warming is not caused by humans, it must be caused by God. Sir, did you just call God a dirty commie scam artist?

    • Manju

      So gocart mozart really is checking out the weather chart to see if its safe to go outside?

  • cpinva

    I want you to know that I am shocked by this! nah. actually, I’d have been shocked if they’d voted for it. I’d demand they be investigated, and proven not to be pod people.

  • Pseudonym

    Anyone else come here wondering what double clean energy was and why normal clean energy was no longer sufficient?

    • Double clean energy has more electrolytes, or is it fewer? I forget.

      • Pseudonym

        I think dirty energy has more electrolytes; carbon dioxide is what plants crave.

  • Derelict

    Here in Vermont, industry never was very big and tourism is pretty much all we have left. People come here for the views and the vistas, the hiking and camping and skiing.

    Which is why the state put a new law in place that prevents locals from stopping clean energy projects. We’ve had several towns that had their local ridgelines destroyed to put up wind turbines. Vermont being one of the least windy states in the nation (more than a third of days are dead calm), the turbines stand idle. The tourists never come back. In my town, we’re fighting three separate solar projects from one company–all of these projects would be placed along a single hillside, destroying the view from every tourist vista and most of the north-facing homes in town. Just to make it better, not a single Watt of the power generated would be available here (all goes to New York), and the tax credits it would generate all go to Massachusetts. Even the handful of jobs installing the thing would all go to out-of-state contractors.

    Green energy is great when it’s planned to harmonize with the environment and local needs. This big-footing of plopping green energy developments anywhere the company can buy enough land is both counter-productive and working to turn even liberal Vermont against green energy.

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