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Sink Hole


When you let a mining company do whatever it wants with limited regulations, it turns out that horrible things can happen, like gigantic sinkholes that destroy people’s homes and make large amounts of land unlivable.

What’s hilarious is Bobby Jindal’s fake outrage and demands that the companies pay up. A less hypocritical politician of the New Gilded Age would celebrate the sink hole as progress.

Also, it’s really an obligation to embed this:

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  • wjts

    What’s hilarious is Bobby Jindal’s fake outrage and demands that the companies pay up.

    Although I certainly can’t call it hilarious, the fact that Ernie Boudreaux (one of the people who stand to lose their house in the face of the damage caused by the sinkhole) is pictured wearing a ballcap that reads “I’ll keep my guns, money, and freedom: You keep the change” is… something.

  • herr doktor bimler

    Massive Sinkhole In Louisiana Baffles Officials

    But enough of Bobby Jindal.

  • dp

    NPR needs to keep up — it’s up to 13 acres as of this past weekend.

    • News Nag

      NPR is keeping up. They’re all the way up to 1975 already.

  • News Nag

    That’s horrible for those folks, period. A much larger-scale disaster happened in 1980 near New Iberia with Lake Peignur, a 12-mile-long and 2-to-3-mile-wide body of water that completely drained into the salt mine below (salt domes are usually 5-6 miles deep and a few miles across), when a Texaco-leased oil drilling barge on the lake punctured the roof/ceiling at the top of the salt dome. The resulting enlarging whirlpool drained the entire lake relatively quickly. Meanwhile, a canal connecting the lake to the Gulf about 16 miles away had its flow reversed,and via the canal the Gulf refilled the lake within 2-3 days. Some land and structures alongside the lake were pulled into the depths of the now former salt mine. The drilling barge and some other barges and boats were sucked into void as well. But no one was hurt! Not even the saltminers below, who got the hell out of there fast, using their assembled-underground vehicles to speed to the elevator. Otherwise, once the lake refilled it looked as if nothing had ever happened. Quite an illusion.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddlrGkeOzsI (a good 10-min docu)
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9OJ2debJ5o (a local news report on the event years later).

    • Except, of course, destroying a fresh water ecosystem with salt water…I’m sure you meant to mention that.

      • ChrisTS

        That would seem to worthy of note. On the other hand, it looks the same, and appearances are all that really matter.

  • Misha

    “Baffles” is such a shitty weasel word on NPR’s part. The sinkhole is not baffling—its cause is known, documented and reported right in the fucking article.

    • sharculese

      Why would documented facts preclude Louisiana officials from being baffled by something?

  • Bernard

    all the right wingers just love them their hero, Jindal. The Right voted him in and now the socialism for the Businesses who have destroyed, polluted and sold the rest of us out is in full swing.

    the good times here for Business is what Jindal is all about. Privatize the Profits and Socialize the Cost. Jindal is smart and the Right Wing Louisianians love themselves these kind who screw over everyone for Money. the Republican Right is doing well with the White people here. W Bush country.

    what’s a sinkhole, when it comes to a business making a profit. erode the coast, spill oil, destroy our beautiful state for a profit, which Republicans only focus on. Profit before anything. Jindal sold the public hospitals to private operators, cause we can’t have Government doing anything.
    you know, Government is always BAD!!!!

  • Alan in SF

    Pac 12 basketball — not quite as terrible as everyone thought!

    • Linnaeus

      Didn’t pick Cal, but picking Oregon over Oklahoma State seemed like an easy upset call.

      • Yea, now picking Harvard over New Mexico….

    • DUCKS!!!!!

  • RepubAnon

    Corporations: immoral or amoral? It isn’t just baseball pensions…

  • herr doktor bimler

    No-one could possibly have expected that removal of bedrock would lead to eventual subsidence.

    • The removal of bedrock leads to less rubble and less flint-stone.

      • Willmake note of that. Bettya it happens again.

        • Uncle Kvetch

          I Dino what you people are talking about.

          • It’s OK, we’re all kind of Barney in here today.

      • Captain C

        It does lead to more Pebbles, though.

      • thelogos

        I think it’s time to wipe that Slate-ly clean after all these comments.

  • Carnival Cruise pays the United States an income tax at a rate of 1% of it’s annual global income.

    Carnival Cruise has had two ships towed back to US ports using US Government towing craft, at no cost to their shareholders.

  • Helmut Monotreme

    It seems to me that there is already a large source of brine available to all of Louisiana that doesn’t require any digging at all. So why the fuck are they digging it up when the gulf of Mexico is right fucking there? Isn’t salinization of fresh water kind of a pollution/environmental issue nationwide? I know the salt they are mining is more concentrated and probably cheaper than recovering it from the ocean, but fresh water is valuable too. Set up a giant reverse osmosis plant, sell salt out of the back door and drinking water out of the front. But it’s more expensive to do that so they never will even when salt domes are collapsing left and right.

  • Halloween Jack

    Jindal is probably seeing how that hardcore teabagger approach has worked out for Rick Scott and is adjusting his tactics accordingly.

    • Also, he can breathe a sign of relief that he didn’t give the absolute worst Republican (Inc) SOTU rebuttal during the Obama years.

  • Jon H

    I’d just like to say the guy who has evacuated but goes back to feed his dog, needs to find the dog a new fucking home, even if that means giving it to someone else, before it gets sucked under and dies.

  • DocAmazing

    unleashing hydrocarbons into the groundwater aquifer up to two miles from the site.

    Fun. So they don’t just get salt water encroachment, they now have poisoned wells.

  • Shakezula

    Bobby Jindal’s fake outrage and demands that the companies pay up.

    Any bets on whether any of that cash will ever make it to the people who were forced out of their homes? Didn’t think so.

    As Rand Paul’s Great & Powerful Hairpiece Stand observed, sometimes accidents just happen. Of course he was talking about a mine collapse that resulted in death so perhaps it isn’t quite the same.

    Anyway, over time the free markets will stop this sort of thing from happening because people will learn not to live near places a mining company might want to mine.

  • Jameson Quinn

    A house about 10 blocks from where I sit got swallowed by a sinkhole a few years ago… I think it was ’09.

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