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More Iraq Links


Our readers have reminded me of a lot of good stuff in addition to the open tabs I already had, so:

  • David Rees had two great posts on the uniquely irritating Michael Ignatieff.  (“The narrative tension is: Can the hero be wrong about everything, survive, and still convince people he’s smarter than everyone in Moveon.org?”)
  • A very useful compilation of the vicious attacks people who were right about the war were consistently subjected to.
  • Henley’s explanation for why he was right is also very good. (I’m especially reminded of Randy Barnett, who took some time off from arguing that the entire 20th century welfare state is immoral to assert that spending trillions of dollars to attack a country that posed no threat to the United States was just dandy.)
  • Unless I’ve missed something, Dan Savage hasn’t written anything for the 10th anniversary.   But he really should.
  • Stephen Walt reminds us who was right — i.e. most of the actual experts in the field, from a variety of ideological and methodological perspectives.
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