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David S. Ware, RIP

[ 10 ] October 19, 2012 |

The great saxophonist David S. Ware has passed at the age of 62. I knew he had been sick for a long time. He received a kidney transplant 2 years ago, donated by a fan, which goes to show the devotion of the followers of this titanic artist. I had hoped this would mean many more years for a man at the peak of his artistic powers, but alas, no. However, those additional two years of life meant some more great music. RIP.


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  1. Vance Maverick says:

    RIP indeed. I heard him just once, with Matthew Shipp in Oakland in the ’90s, and will always remember it.

  2. howard says:

    A frickin’ shame and a guy I only saw once.

    His version of sonny rollins’ “freedom suite” is a good place to start listening, and I would also recommend “corridors and parallels” and “surrendered.”

  3. njorl says:

    Am I having deja vu, or did another jazz musician also die in Vilnius recently? I tried googling it, but evidently “jazz”+”Vilnius” is very common.

  4. Captain C says:

    I caught Ware at the VisionFest in 2011. He and his band totally tore it up. We’ve lost another huge player.

  5. parrot says:

    Bummer. RIP. Saw this guy years ago and he just about knock the hair off my head. I has big sad today. Thanks for posting this obit…

  6. xaaronx says:

    An amazing musician. He will be missed.

  7. roundguyisnotround says:

    Ow. One of my absolute favorites. Truly sad. Surrendered is phenomenal. I also loved his take on Rollins’ Freedom Suite.

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