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Tonight’s film is an exceedingly rare one. Rising Tones Cross is a German documentary from 1985 about the New York avant-garde jazz scene. Directed by Ebba Jahn, it features some amazing performances and three long interviews that frame them. One is with the German bassist Peter Kowald, who died too young. The second is with […]

Jaimie Branch, RIP

On August 24, 2022

This is just devastating. jaimie branch, a trumpeter who combined punk ferocity with advanced technique in her version of improvised music, earning acclaim within and well outside of jazz circles, die

This is the grave of Billy Bang. Born in 1947 in Mobile, Alabama, William Walker grew up in The Bronx, where his family moved shortly after he was born, chasing opportunities not available to them in the South. Of course The Bronx was no great shakes either. His parents enrolled him in a musical school […]
The other night, I watched Shirley Clarke’s weird 1985 documentary about Ornette Coleman. Ornette: Made in America combines the classic documentary form of showing a great musician in performance and going back to his home to reminiscence with bizarre experimental editing going back and forth between Ornette and some random image for a nearly seizure-causing […]
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