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I presume Glenn Reynolds’s already uploaded most of his mind and what he loses here are the sad scraps that remain.




Just after midnight Saturday morning, authorities descended on the Cerritos home of the man believed to be the filmmaker behind the anti-Muslim movie that has sparked protests and rioting in the Muslim world.



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  • mark f

    You of course have already highlighted the best part — the “key bit” being the color of the officers’ shirts and not the apparent parole violation (“Sure.” [emphasis his] being — literally! — the only word Reynolds writes on that) — but the second-best part is Althouse’s hypothesis that the guy’s wearing a scarf over his face in an elaborate Oval Office scheme to get her to call him a nigger towelhead. Well, you won’t fool her this time, Mr. President!

  • arguingwithsignposts

    Literally – I cannot believe this man sponges off the state of Tennessee for his wages – literally.

    • Yes, I pay his salary. Of course this clown was shrieking “STABBEDINTHEBACK” every five minutes when Bush was in the White House.

      • I should note that I only figuratively pay his salary, literally.

        • firefall

          I’d rather you literally pay his figurative salary

          • Sev

            A six figure salary, in liters, of genuine Tennessee paint thinner, which he drinks to get his juices flowing before he posts.

    • DrDick

      There is a secret affirmative action program which requires the nation’s law schools to hire braindead wingnuts as law professors, regardless of their obvious lack of qualifications to even fix a parking ticket.

      • That explains Reynolds, Althouse, Jacobson, Hewitt, etc.

        • DrDick


        • timb

          Jacobson ain’t a real law professor

  • I honestly don’t know why anyone on this side gives Glenn Reynolds any oxygen.

    • Leeds man

      In the hope that he is an obligate anaerobe.

      • herr doktor bimler

        Were he an anaerobe, he would be producing alcohol rather than consuming it.

        • Bill Murray

          maybe he has evolved a useful mutation?

    • To increase his burn rate.

      • spencer

        Heh. Indeed.

        • Shorty

          Shorter Reynolds: Hehndeed.

  • arguingwithsignposts

    Also, from the reports I literally read, he went in for questioning and was not – literally – arrested or detained – literally, and he did so voluntarily. Literally.

    • SP

      But Reynolds but the word “voluntarily” in italics too, just like the word “sure”. Argument over!

  • Davis X. Machina

    I demand Obama resign. Any minimally competent Constitution-fressing, out-of-control, power-abusing chief executive would have just droned the SOB.

    I mean, really. Midnight knocks on the door, in this day and age? Why bother even having the technology if you’re not going to abuse it?

  • mark f

    And why is Eugene Volokh writing about potential anti-anti-Muslim speech laws?

    You would think the right would be pissed at this dude since, as Juan Cole pointed out, he literally tried to put blame/credit for his video on a cabal of Israelis. Insty was the most vocal about the “blood libel” committed against Sarah Palin, but somehow literally trying to incite violence against Jews doesn’t count as such. It’s almost like he’s insincere or something.

    • laura

      they’ve got that angle covered. The argument is that the liberal media gullibly reported the video as having been made by Jews before investigating the facts, thus proving once again that liberals hate Jews (even, especially, the ones that ARE Jews.)

    • timb

      Because Eugene has gone the full wingnut?

      Just an embarrassing website right now

  • amok92

    I DEMAND an retraction, Ann never mentions the color of there shirts even though it is a well known FACT that brown is Bill Ayers’ favorite colour !

  • Remember when “knee-jerk” was a liberal thing?

    • DrDick

      The “circle jerk” is the conservative equivalent.

      • rhino

        Who is eating the biscuit, is the only question which remains unanswered.

        • Beauzeaux

          And who is drinking the milkshake.

      • Brevity is

        and only the biblical defined circle jerk

  • Dennis

    OMG, right, so this was just a routine question and answer session suddenly called up at midnight so they could find out exactly why he was using the internets. This is the kind of thing progressive lawyers usually go nuts over, but not they’re fine with this scapegoating tactic.

    And why did Barack Obama accept $1mm from Bill Maher, the man who directed ‘Religulous’, a film that dared to mock Islam? Hmmm.

    • JoshA

      I know some people differ about putting fruit in pancakes, but I for one like it. Blueberries especially.

    • I fear that our focus on pancakes has detracted from the importance waffles should be receiving, and it is high time we debate the merits/demerits of waffles with fruit vs. pancakes with fruit.

      • Woodrowfan

        no, no, no, it’s French toast we need to be considering! With strawberries on top!

        • DrDick

          But will no one think about the English muffins?

        • somethingblue

          That’s Freedom Toast to you, citizen.

        • MAJeff

          Why are you anti-semites excluding the bagel?

          • The Dark Avenger

            And why haven’t you even brought up the controversy over country potatoes v hash browns?

            • g

              That is the Red-state vs. Blue state divide, right there.

          • LeeEsq

            Jeff, as a Jew and a New Yorker I take my bagels very seriously. The strange things that gentiles do to bagels like put fruit in the dough or serve them with strange topics like ham is simply evil. Bagels should be eaten plain or with the traditional flavorings like poppy or garlic and the only topics permissible are cream cheese, lox, and maybe tomatoes or capers.

            • While someone who also likes traditional toppings on bagels and traditional bagels for that matter, I have difficulty understanding the bagel fundamentalism I so often run into. This is like people complaining about Californians putting sun-dried tomatoes and pesto on pizza. Sometimes innovation does improve a food.

              • LeeEsq

                Putting blueberries or strawberries in bagels does nothing to improve them.

            • MAJeff

              I just fled the state of North Dakota. The local bakery where I lived did not boil their “bagels” and didn’t understand why those of us from out of town refused to refer to them as bagels.

              • Holden Pattern

                Those would more properly be “rolls”, I think.

                • MAJeff

                  Bread with a hole in the middle.

                • Katya

                  I heard the following exchange in a “bagel” store:

                  Father: The bagels here aren’t boiled. What are they?

                  Daughter (maybe seven or eight): A roll with a hole!

                  Good girl.

      • greylocks

        What a load of crepe.

        • Warren Terra

          Donut feed this waffle troll. It’s eggsactly what they want, or at least muesli so, and it’d be rasher you to do it.

      • Mr. Wonderful

        I demand a retraction! All this discussion of breakfast foods–no, sorry, wait. I mean, I demand an erection!

        Sorry for the confusion.

      • ChristianPinko

        I’ve said it before: evil beware.

        • Davis X. Machina

          Is that ‘Pinko’? Or is it really “Panko”? Huh? Huh?

      • Major Kong

        Mmmmmmmm pancakes………..

      • Marek

        Just had the most delicious waffles! Extra butter is the secret. As with most things.

        • Spuddie

          OK Gir, I will try your waffles.

    • laura

      What part of “parole violation” do you people not understand?

      • DrDick

        All of it.

        • greylocks

          The 9-letter word with 3 syllables is especially challenging.

          • Vance Maverick

            Three syllables? Only in the South, I think, home of the Dialect of Authenticity.

            • efgoldman

              Yip. “Vah-lay-shun.”

            • That dah-lect.

            • greylocks

              See…even I couldn’t handle it.

    • Leeds man

      Jam Butties!

      • firefall

        chip butties!

        • Uncle Kvetch

          Full English fry-up with baked beans and grilled tomatoes!

          Oh shit, suddenly I’m *starving*…

          • Scott Lemieux

            Irish! The bacon is better…

            • Sounds to me we need to have a discussion on the merits of the various puddings of English/Irish breakfasts.

    • Thlayli

      Can we get some johnnycakes in here? For the gluten-free folks?

    • Oswald Bhreitbart Bhreitbart Oswald

      And why did Barack Obhama Barack accept $1mm..
      Precipitous currency deflation? Or Obhama is just easy? Hmmm.
      Yes, the one millimeter dollar coin exists! But the trilateral coalition for amherica’s prosperity future is keeping the obhomneycare gold standard from us law-abiding amhericans. Hmmm.

      ..from Bill Mhaher Bill, the man who directed ‘Religulous’, a film that dared to mock Islham? Hmmm.
      ‘Religulous’ was lost in translation because Reverend Whright Reverend was on vacation? Hmmm.

  • lakefxdan

    There’s another KEY BIT that Instaputz missed: The federal probation service is NOT a part of the government that is controlled by the President. It’s under the …. judicial branch. So, apparently JOHN G ROBERTS is the *actual* new Hitler here.

    • NBarnes

      There’s a lot of Republicans who can get behind demonization of John Roberts these days.

    • Anonymous

      I think he was convicted in California court and remains under the jurisdiction of LA county. Those are LA county sheriff’s deputies.

      • Anonymous

        No I’m wrong, the fraud was federal.

  • laura

    Glenn Reynolds is a good desperation weather vane. It’s not that he’s desperate; I’m fairly confident he doesn’t give a shit. But when conservatives get demoralized about losing an election there’s traffic to be generated off leading with the most outlandish post and drawing people over to PJM. He knows enough not to overestimate his audience.

    • Oh, indeed. He and the rest of the GOP dork herders, for instance, know that bigotry is part and parcel of the GOP’s appeal to its biggest constituency, old white dudes. That’s why they love it when non-Republicans point out that ALEC’s voter ID laws are designed to suppress nonwhite votes — it ensures that their white base will back these laws.

      But what they don’t like is when county clerks start telling the media about how these laws are going to bankrupt the local governments, especially the rural local governments, of those states that implement them: http://www.bluestemprairie.com/bluestemprairie/2012/09/center-of-the-american-experiments-claims-for-photo-id-cost-savings-are-deeply-flawed.html

      • DrDick

        What?!?! Are you telling me that the Republicans lied about the benefits of their policies (again)?

      • “dork herders”

        Beautiful line.

      • Cody

        The best part about new “fiscal” conservative Republicans is they never actually save money. I understand how the scam happened… Republicans were the “conservative” party, and fiscal conservative has “conservative” in it; therefore, Republicans are fiscal conservatives!

  • big bad wolf

    obviously reynolds is absurd. but so too are the probation and supervised release conditions regularly imposed in federal court. and a midnight arrest on a possible supervised release violation is a ridiculous waste of resources. a call from his p.o. directing him to come in would be a reasonable response. it’s fun (and justified) to make fun of reynolds, but the arrest also illustrates an issue we should care about more—restrictions tenuously linked to the underlying crime and unlinked to rehab or reintegration. if reynolds weren’t being an ass and if this guy were someone we found more sympathetic we’d be focusing on how simultaneously silly and oppressive the criminal justice system can be. maybe we should anyway.

    • calling all toasters

      Ask me how I know you’re a liberal.

    • jameson quinn

      How can we focus on anything when there’s so much shouting on LGM?

    • SEK

      If I wanted to make a serious argument, it’d look like this:

      Many people are upset by Sam Bacile aka Nakoula Basseley Nakoula being detained and interviewed, apparently at the behest of probation officers. I think the situation bears careful watching. Based on 6 years as a federal prosecutor and 12 as a federal defense lawyer, let me say this: minor use of a computer — like uploading a video to YouTube — is not something that I would usually expect to result in arrest and a revocation proceeding; I think a warning would be more likely unless the defendant had already had warnings or the probation officer was a hardass. But if I had a client with a serious fraud conviction, and his fraud involved aliases, and he had the standard term forbidding him from using aliases during supervised release, and his probation officer found out that he was running a business, producing a movie, soliciting money, and interacting with others using an alias, I would absolutely expect him to be arrested immediately, whatever the content of the movie. Seriously. Nakoula pled guilty to using alias to scam money. Now he’s apparently been producing a film under an alias, dealing with the finances of the film under the alias, and (if his “Sam Bacile” persona is to be believed) soliciting financing under an alias. I would expect him to run into a world of hurt for that even if he were producing a “Coexist” video involving kittens.

      But Reynolds doesn’t deserve a serious rebuttal, because he’s not a serious thinker.

      • Visitor

        Thanks for that quote… glad I read that, & glad I went and read the rest of his points. Good stuff at a blog I’d never found before, mmmmmm tasty.

        Which is not to disagree w/your assessment re: petulant crank professors. *but* I wish more supposedly progressive (or neutral?) reporters eg at Raw Story would read that same page and stop blindly restating that this video caused the violence in Libya, etc, w/o adequate support for that. We know that Al Qaeda likes symbolism, so they may have been planning Sep 11 2012 attacks for a while.

      • Manta

        Thanks for the quote and link: I was wondering something similar (why would upoloading stuff in youtube be a parole violation?) and that was a good answer.

    • mark f

      Reynolds’s hackishness wasn’t in suggesting that midnight knocks demonstrate the sham of “voluntary” questioning sessions, it was in suggesting that a routine local police action was an unconstitutional assault on liberty carried out at the behest of the President of the United States.

      • Maybe he’s been reading Naomi Wolf.

        • Scott Lemieux

          I thought the same thing…

    • Anonymous

      Or we could read the article:

      “[Updated at 1:40 a.m. July 15, 2012: Whitmore told The Times that Nakoula was taken in for a voluntary interview with probation officials and has not been arrested or detained.]

      Authorities waited until most media had left for the day to take Nakoula in.

      Earlier Friday, sheriff’s deputies had to escort attorneys through a scrum of news cameras into Nakoula’s home. When the man was taken away early Saturday, authorities had to dodge only a lone photographer for The Times and a few lingering reporters.

      • rea

        In other words–they weren’t arresting him–they were helping him get through the crazed mob of reporters.

      • JWR

        I’ve been waiting for somebody to point this out. (Local news here in L.A. was playing the waiting game outside the guys house. Literally!)

  • calling all toasters

    It’s D’Souza, isn’t it? The trailed seemed to have his light, lyrical touch.

    • calling all toasters


  • “Sheriff Baca? This is your President. Ohama, that’s right. I want you to go and arrest this Nakoula Nakoula character. Whaddya mean that’s unconstitutional? I’ll tell you what the Constitution says, pal, and it says you’re going to lock that sonuvabitch up. Tonight at midnight. Or I’ll have the National Guard so far up your ass you’ll have to play reveille just to take a crap. Now do what the fuck I tell you, or else.”

    That’s how it all went down.

    • calling all toasters

      Stop reading off of Clint Eastwood’s chair’s teleprompter.

      • Warren Terra


        • Uncle Kvetch

          You left out “Allahu Akbar, Kill Whitey.”

  • bibliofishy

    As a local, I can tell two things: the sheriff’s shirts have literally always been brown and if they had literally arrested this guy they would’ve bounced him off the pavement first. Twice, if the international press was on hand.

  • ianmorris

    speaking of brain uploading, Glenn and all the other singularity hopeful right wingers/libertarians should read “The Rapture Of The Nerds” by Cory Doctorow and Charles Stross, it would show you what to expect.

  • Dr. C.

    PW3ND —

    So Professor Reynolds deliberately and quite obviously mimics the likes of Biden, Warren and Mika Brzezinski (i.e., ‘literally’) and Gore, Pelosi and Boxer (i.e., ‘brownshirts’) and everyone here was gullible enough to bite.

    Word of the day (although it might be a bit too long for the crowd here): hyperbole. Look. It. Up.

    • SEK

      Those pancakes, how do you make them so delicious?

      • Malaclypse

        Buttermilk. The real stuff, not the crap you find in stores.

        • DrDick

          And real blueberry jam! Jammy pancakes, yummy!

          • Woodrowfan

            don’t forget some sugar-free syrup for those of us who are sucrose-challenged.

            • Davis X. Machina

              You guys, and the glutards, and the lactards, screwing up my proper American food…

              • timb


          • Malaclypse

            And real blueberry jam!

            I can top that. Last year, Darling Daughter and I attempted blackberry jam for her 4H project. We ended up with a boatload of blackberry syrup. Those make some damn fine pancakes.

            • DrDick

              Around here, it is huckleberries.

            • Leeds man

              Fuck the pancakes. Bit of yeast and a pot still, and presto! Blackberry brandy.

    • calling all toasters

      I’m not a breakfast person. Thanks anyway.

      • rea

        Not even toast?

  • commie atheist

    And sorry, claims that this was just a routine probation matter don’t pass the laugh test. They’re just pure hackery.


    • firefall

      Well at least there he’s on a subject he knows something about

      • sparks

        Heh, indeed!

  • the conspiratist

    I don’t know. Him being on probation means he is going to get a visit from the police when releases a video onto the internet asking for money.

    But it’s a religious video!?! OMG Freedom of Speech! Democrats hate God!!

    But I’m cynical.

  • Joseph Nobles

    And then they released him 90 minutes later. He told them that he wasn’t returning home, so the cops said they did not know where he was when the press asked.

    Was this a real arrest? Or a “OK, answer some questions about your parole down at the station and we’ll get you out of this media circus” situation?

  • SP

    I can’t believe Glann Reynouse missed the orange loop being held in the air behind the left-most deputy. They’re -literally- threatening to lynch this guy! What’s that, it’s a camera cable from another photographer? Well, it’s entirely possible to use electronics cables to lynch people too, don’t you know?

  • Snarki, child of Loki

    I object, on technical grounds, to the title of this post: “Glenn Reynold’s already uploaded most of his mind…”

    It’s DOWNloaded. You can tell, because he has to flush afterwards.

  • greylocks

    Khaki is the new brown.

    • “Beige-shirted stormtroopers” lacks that je ne sais quoi.

      • je ne sais quoi.

        The phrase is “Freedom Confusion,” you pansy.

        • Freedom is never confused, pinko.

          It is, occasionally, lip-walking drunk.

          • You got me there.

            Freedom already knows everything it needs to know, son. Now watch this drive.

  • Davis

    Classic Althouse:

    That’s a scarf wrapped around his face, not a “towel.” Is the L.A. Times nudging us to think of this man as a “towelhead”?

    She is nudging me to think of her as a nut.

    • Classic indeed.

      She once wrote a piece about how the Hillary 3AM ad was racist because the kid’s pajamas said “Nighty-night,” and you could see the letters “N-I-G.”

      I swear to God I’m not making this up.

      • DrDick

        I remember that. I think it is the point at which I included her in my list of dumbest law professors in the world.

      • FMguru

        She’ll never top her argument that Bill Clinton holding up a round object (an onion ring, in this particular case) was a secret signal to his slavering hordes that VAGINA VAGINA VAGINA VAGINA.

        It’s the sort of spurious free-associating pattern recognition that’s usually found in unmedicated schizophrenics.

        • DrDick

          I think you flatter her and give her too much credit here.

          • Woodrowfan

            just imagine her in a faculty meeting with “Paper Chase”‘s professor Kingston as chair.

          • Jay C

            Yes, in Prof. Althouse’s case, the negative effects of excessive alcohol consumption are quite sufficient to explain the, ummm, “problems” in so many of her blogposts.


        • Pseudonym

          I think she may have topped that with the comments on the size of Noon’s genitalia. I wish I could find a link to that…

          • SEK

            She did. I’ll send him a quick message on Facebook asking him if he knows where Ann hid his penis.

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  • pedant

    That headline should read “Reynolds’s,” not “Reynold’s.”

    • SEK

      You sir, are correct, and therefore get no pancakes.

  • angelfoot

    This is one of my all time favorite Althouse pieces from 2008. I can’t believe anyone could possibly be this dense:


  • Brian

    All the commenters here are revealed as utterly worthless partisan hacks, who are lying when they pretend to care about the Bill of Rights or civil liberties. The “probation” argument here is the precise analog of arguing in defense of cops who arrest blacks – and only blacks – and take them to the police station for “questioning”:

    “What part of JAYWALKING to you not understand!?!”

    Alleged probation violators are not rousted at midnight, with the media on alert, by a posse of armed cops, acting under the direction of federal authorities. The REASON why he was “voluntarily” taken in, and WHO directed this action, and WHO alerted the media, is crucially important – for those who care about liberty. But not for the partisan Obama fan boys who populate this site.

    (Then why are you here? Good question. But I’m not anymore.)

    • Uncle Kvetch

      (Then why are you here? Good question. But I’m not anymore.)

      Oh, dear. When we’ve lost Brian, we’ve lost America.

      More pancakes, anyone?

      • timb

        When we’ve lost Brian, we’ve lost America

        When we lose the Brians from America, we might actually have ourselves a decent country

        • BradP

          What exactly did Brian say that merits that sort of response?

          • SEK

            Besides getting all of the readily available facts wrong and using suppositions that clicking on a link would inform him are incorrect, then using his ignorant statement to call everyone here “Obama fanboys”? Besides that? Why, nothing. Nothing at all.

          • Timb

            Fine, Scott, steal my thunder.

    • Leeds man

      Personally, I’d have shot the fucker, and then made pancakes. Sorry, PANCAKES.

      • FMguru

        Did someone say PANCAKES?

        Because I could sure go for some fuckin’ PANCAKES right about now!

      • Holden Pattern

        Are those PANCAKES in the style prevalent in

        • Malaclypse

          They don’t serve PANCAKES in the FUCKING BIG ARBYS in CRACKER HEIGHTS, Holden.

    • laura

      And yet, despite protestations to the contrary, I get the sneaking suspicion that you’ll be back for more waffles.

  • BradP

    Its a shame that the White House immediately rolled out the “Blame those Muslim crazies who hate us for our freedom” crap:

    “This is a fairly volatile situation and it is in response not to United States policy, not to, obviously, the Administration, not the to the American people. It is in response to a video, a film, that we have judged to be reprehensible and disgusting, that in now way justifies any violent reaction to it, but this is not a case of protests directed at the United States writ large or at US policy, this is in response to a video that is offensive,and, to Muslims. Again, this is not in any way justifying violence, and we’ve spoken very clearly out against that, and condemned it.”

    …and nobody says a word.

    But some conservative troll pipes up and its time to break out the all caps.

    Meta-commentary is really beginning to outweigh the real stuff on here.

    • SEK

      Meta-commentary is really beginning to outweigh the real stuff on here.

      I teach and write about rhetoric, meaning 99 percent of what I write is going to be “meta-commentary.” It’s only been that way for, what, six years now?

      • arguingwithsignposts

        so BradP’s providing meta-meta-commentary, and that makes your comment meta-meta-meta-commentary? It’s meta’s all the way down!

      • BradP

        Fair enough, but considering the source of the rhetoric here, that explanation isn’t much better.

    • laura

      How exactly is that statement evidence of “Blame those Muslim crazies who hate us for our freedom” crap?

      • BradP

        Outta the two competing explanations:

        1) The Benghazi attack was spontaneous mob violence based around public reaction to a youtube video, the Obama narrative.

        2) A terrorist attack with months of premeditation that had much more to do with US foreign policy than any video

        The former seems to rest on the far less charitable view of Libyans.

        What do you think: Did a mob of Libyans spontaneously assault the consulate with rocket launchers and murdered American diplomatic officials over the video alone?

        Or do you think outrage over US foreign policy and a desire for retribution for American attacks might have inspired a good bit of this?

        • laura

          Well, there is the fact that the crowds of protesters were specifically chanting about the video. It’s possible for something to have more than one monolithic cause, but to claim that the people who attacked the embassies were angry about the movie is a simple statement of fact. There’s nothing “anti Muslim” about it unless you prefer to just ignore what the protesters were actually saying because you think it makes them look better.

          • BradP
            • I don’t care where you got it. If you’re going to make an argument, man up and defend it when someone challenges it.

              Do you have anything to say in response to what Laura wrote?

              • BradP

                What do you want from me?

                That article by Drum specifically made the argument for why the video had nothing to do with the violence in Benghazi.

                The Lybian government came out and said that the video didn’t have anything to do with it.

                Do I need to provide novel evidence that the Obama narrative of spontaneous mob violence in response to a video is likely incorrect?

                I think saying that the violence was unrelated to US foreign policy and solely due to a youtube video, both takes a remarkably uncritical view of US foreign policy, and a rather insulting view of Muslims.

        • cpinva

          actually, i think it’s much more basic than that.

          Or do you think outrage over US foreign policy and a desire for retribution for American attacks might have inspired a good bit of this?

          it’s a gang turf war, where the gangs speak arabic, and they’re fighting for control of the country’s assets, so they can exploit them for gain. they simply use islam, like the crusaders used christianity, to publicly justify their greed, and con the locals into thinking they’re the good guys. it involves oil and drugs, both money-making propositions.

          it’s an activity and purpose as timeless as man.

          • BradP

            it’s a gang turf war, where the gangs speak arabic, and they’re fighting for control of the country’s assets,

            From what I understand, that’s about right.

        • Timb

          Outrage over the foreign policy which just prevented their former leader from making Benghazi a modern Carthage, complete with salted fields, etc?

          I bet tha would piss them off.

          How can this group of Libyans control the Bangladeshis and Sudanese?

          • Like man anti-imperialists, BradP is making the twin errors of:

            1. Projecting his own beliefs onto violent terrorists, and

            2. Projecting what he assumed to be the beliefs of those violent terrorists onto their societies as a whole.

      • DrDick

        Because it gives Brad an opportunity to bash that communistical Muslim Kenyan and prove that we are all a bunch of Obots because we cannot see the marvels of Ron Paul.

        • BradP


          • DrDick

            That is the only answer to Laura’s question that I can imagine given your statements (which make no freaking sense).

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  • Bob

    Time for the University of Tennessee College of Law to cut this loon loose. He would fit in well at “The Blaze.” I’m sure Glenn Beck would give him his own law show.

  • cpinva

    you have mastered the art of ALL CAPS POSTING! we are impressed. oh, glenn reynolds? just another twit on probation, for violating the basic rules of intelligent blogging. for posting on the internet, he’ll have to finish the terms of his original sentence.

  • Flypaper

    Frankly, the most appalling part of this story is the fact that courts still think prohibiting someone from owning a computer or accessing the Internet is an acceptable parole stipulation.

    “Yep, we’ll let you go – but you’re not allowed to breathe anymore.”

  • Ranger Jay

    “There is nothing in the world more helpless and irresponsible and depraved than a man in the depths of an ether binge…”

  • The Malfunctioning Glenn Reynolds Robot

    Heh. Indeed. Obama should resign! Read the whole thing. Heh. Indeed. Obama should resign! Read the whole thing. Heh. Indeed. Obama should resign! Read the whole thing. Heh. Indeed. Obama should resign! Read the whole thing. Heh. Indeed. Obama should resign! Read the whole thing. Heh. Indeed. Obama should resign! Read the whole thing. Heh. Indeed. Obama should resign! Read the whole thing. Heh. Indeed. Obama should resign! Read the whole thing. Heh. Indeed. Obama should resign! Read the whole thing. Heh. Indeed. Obama should resign! Read the whole thing. Heh. Indeed. Obama should resign! Read the whole thing. Heh. Indeed. Obama should resign! Read the whole thing. Heh. Indeed. Obama should resign! Read the whole thing. Heh. Indeed. Obama should resign! Read the whole thing. Heh. Indeed. Obama should resign! Read the whole thing. Heh. Indeed. Obama should resign! Read the whole thing.

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