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Hate to Tell You…


…but if you signed up for Newt’s presidential campaign unwatchable movie/unreadable book promotion tour, you were the sucker.

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  • DrDick

    In other breaking news, the sun rose in the east this morning, water is wet, and bears do indeed shit in the woods.

  • efgoldman

    Gingrich’s wife controls him with witchcraft, an oddly common complaint among campaign operatives, and she uses her wife-powers to make Newt go to the opera instead of going to parades.

    Because everyone knows no-one, but especially a Republican, would ever go to the opera except under some kind of compulsion, like a witchcraft spell!

  • Says all that needs to be said about the skills, talents & ideology of GOP “operatives.”

    • Warren Terra

      By taking them seriously, you’re being insufficiently cynical. They always knew he couldn’t win; but presumably they have since lost confidence he will be able to pay them, or decided that the blow to their reputation from working for his halfhearted farce of a campaign will be more than the paycheck is worth.

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