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Great WSJ story on how the Cincinnati Bengals completely fleeced Hamilton County taxpayers for their stadium, creating a long-term county budget crisis that is crippling the region. My favorite part: Given the national economic slump, the county budget would have run into trouble with or without the Bengals deal. But county officials say the cuts […]
The commenters to this post make an excellent point about the repeated frauds of James O’Keefe and Fellow Misogynist Associates. It’s not just that the press takes this crap at face value. Elite liberals and/or Democrats take this stuff at face value. With the exception of the smear of Planned Parenthood — which hasn’t worked […]

Right. “Pretending.”

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On December 19, 2010
His column is very good and properly criticial, but there’s still something amusingly I-can’t-quit-you about this bit from Joe Klein’s postmature farewell to his admiration for McCain: Two of the bills original sponsors, John McCain and Orrin Hatch, voted against the bill…and one wonders why, especially in McCain’s case, given the fact that he recently […]
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