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Stand Up For Yourself, Poindexter


The commenters to this post make an excellent point about the repeated frauds of James O’Keefe and Fellow Misogynist Associates. It’s not just that the press takes this crap at face value. Elite liberals and/or Democrats take this stuff at face value. With the exception of the smear of Planned Parenthood — which hasn’t worked yet because of an immediate pushback campaign — there have been immediate consequences: the defunding of ACORN, the firing of Sherrod, the purge at NPR — that Beltway liberals carried out or acquiesced in. The fact that a lot reporters seem to take Team Breitbart seriously would matter less if a lot of establishment liberals could actually identify the creep selling them oceanfront property in Nebraska as a con man rather than robbing their employees so they can double their investment.

…see also.

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