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Why I Did Not Live Blog the SOTU


You might think it’s laziness, but actually it’s science.

And as for the otherwise even-more-irrelevant response, all you can say is that Paul Ryan is a complete fraud.

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  • ploeg

    Essay question: It is not the work itself that matters, but the discussion of the work and its significance that matters. Discuss.

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  • I honestly can’t stand the SOTU. I wouldn’t care that it’s completely pointless since I enjoy a good speech… but the kabuki of standing ovations vs. pointedly sitting on your hands makes it disjointed and irritating to me. So yeah. Here’s a call to return to the written report style of SOTU.

    • R.Johnston

      While a return to the written report style would be nice, I’d settle for a SOTU address that isn’t a massive violation of the Hatch Act. Not so much because I like the Hatch Act as because it’s the overtly political nature of the speech and the complete failure to coherently address any facts or policy regarding the state of the union that makes the SOTU so unbearably tedious.

      • Hogan

        The Hatch Act covers elected officials now? This could be our chance to lock ’em all up!

  • DrDick

    I never watch the SOTU any more as it is all feel good political theater which seldom has any substance. Have to say that my expectations of this president were even lower than usual.

    As to Ryan, all of the supposed rightwing “deficit hawks” are frauds. Anybody who talks about the deficit and excludes our grossly bloated, corrupt, and pork laden defense budget is not serious. For conservatives, it is all about lowering taxes on the rich and cutting services to the poor and working classes.

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