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It's gone now but someone had edited the Wikipedia page for invertebrates to include Paul Ryan 😂😂😂 pic.twitter.com/Oe7qOSp027 — Alp Ozcelik (@alplicable) January 26, 2017 Paul Ryan is a principled man. “This is not conservatism.” In just four words, House Speaker Paul D. Ryan made clear in December 2015 that then-candidate Donald Trump’s suggestion to […]

Profiles in Courage

On February 10, 2016

Paul Ryan is a real leader: Members of the Congressional Black Caucus said House Speaker Paul Ryan told them he backs a bill to restore portions of the Voting Rights Act gutted by the Supreme Court, b

Paul Ryan, unfortunately the latest Irish-American politician to forget the roots of his people and become a right-winger, has had a very racist week. Blaming black people for inner-city conditions is another in a long history of rich people blaming the poor for their own poverty. Maybe like howthe English blamed the Irish during the […]


On October 17, 2012

After last week’s VP debate, everybody and her damn brother asked me about the Paul Ryan “Navy is smallest since World War I” line.  And so I decided to devote this week’s Dip

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