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This is the grave of Arkady Shevchenko. Born in 1930 in Horlivka, in what is today the eastern Ukraine (or at least until Putin finishes his conquest), Shevchenko grew up pretty well for Soviet society. His father ran a tuberculosis sanitarium and thus had a lot of value to the regime. He and his family […]
The New York Times decided to go all-in on redbaiting yesterday with a supposed exposé that Bernie Sanders was supporting Soviet propaganda when he visited the country in 1988, part of a “years-long” effort by the Soviets to undermine the nation. Given that the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, that was a pretty stupid thing […]

Chicken Minced Meat

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On August 16, 2016
I am soon returning to East Coast Exile, reality, and regular blogging. Until then, this. 1980's Soviet Estonian TV ad for minced chicken meat by filmmaker Harry Egipt. A vegetarian's nightmare. pic.twitter.com/iVABrE8Fcy — Soviet Visuals (@SovietVisuals) August 16, 2016
I’m sure the KGB would like to take credit for liberation theology, planning the world’s rebellions against capitalist exploitation from the Kremlin, but no one should take the claim of an ex-KGB agent on this issue seriously at all. Liberation theology is a complex movement that had many roots, including the deep injustices faced by […]
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