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Happy Social Security Check Day!

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On January 31, 2019
Today is the 79th anniversary of the issuance of the first Social Security check, to Ms. Ida May Fuller of Ludlow, Vermont for $22.54. Check number 00-000-001. — David Dayen (@ddayen) January 31, 2019 Of course, Republicans see this as a tragedy, prefer the vision of Make Way for Tomorrow as an ideal outcome.
Republican extremism and a complete unwillingness to deal with the Kenyan usurper is the one thing keeping us from cuts to Social Security: WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama’s proposed budget will call for reductions in the growth of Social Security and other benefit programs by including a proposal to lower cost-of-living adjustments to government […]

Social Security

On December 29, 2011

Yglesias is dead on that the best way for people to “invest” in their retirement is a functioning social security system. The average person probably doesn’t have the time, skills, a

Over at the United Steelworkers blog, Dean Baker unloads on Alan Simpson and the idea that Simpson knows anything useful about Social Security: Former Wyoming Senator Alan Simpson has been a holy terror ever since he was appointed by President Obama to co-chair his deficit commission last year. With equal fervor he has attacked both […]
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