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One of the hallmarks of pre-pandemic life in the U.S. was a society where things that were once expensive became pretty cheap. Nothing was more emblematic of that than taxis, where Uber and Lyft drastically lowered the prices of rides. This was all done on a house of cards, as our Techbro Betters raised billions […]

Rethinking Work

On May 12, 2021

I don’t entirely know what to make of the seemingly widespread choice by a lot of low-wage workers to not go back to their crappy jobs. There’s been a ton of stories on this, mostly from R

For all the talk about “Real Work,” which always means blue-collar factory work of some form or another, done by white men, the actual reality of the American workplace is service work. That’s only going to grow. That needs to be our focus in creating labor policy for the future. Ai-Jen Poo and Palak Shah […]
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