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One frustration I have with our racial politics is how we rightfully talk about repression of Black communities but don’t connect it well with the Latino community, which is not only the nation’s largest minority community but also faces the exact same problems, including police repression. As Tucson reminds us: It was another gruesome video […]
Since we are talking about police violence these days, here’s a film produced by the Illinois Labor History Society, I assume in the 60s, about the Memorial Day Massacre of 1937, when our old friends the Chicago Police Department beat, shot, and murdered steel strikers. It’s in two parts: I’m sure plenty of cops today […]
Simon is of course the expert on police violence on this blog. But I know this literature OK and feel confident enough about it to say that the police have always been a violent force of thugs used to beat up workers, kill people of color, and intimidate anyone who challenges their authority. I just […]

Confront the Cops

On July 18, 2019

Of course Daniel Pantaleo, the murderer of Eric Garner, got off scot-free. Of course he did. That’s because cops are allowed to kill black people with impunity. On Tuesday, the Department of Jus

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