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Blind Justice

On July 15, 2020

The cops have all sorts of “non-lethal technology.” But that non-lethal technology also can destroy lives. And the cops lie about that too. Protests erupted in cities across the country on

The entire history of supposedly “non-lethal” police technologies is one for which we need greater understanding. What are these technologies really, how did they develop, and how has supposedly non-lethal technologies been made to seem safe and OK and humane? I am sure Simon knows a ton about this and no doubt there are other […]
Stephen Greenhouse has an excellent New Yorker piece on the troublesome question of police unions. Plenty of police violence happens without accountability whether the cops have unions or not. But unions certainly give protection to the worst cops and probably do contribute materially to the problem of violence. And yet, there’s a lot of complexities […]
I was pretty annoyed at how badly many comments misread my post from last week on the relationship between voting and protest. Just because one doesn’t think these protests should be turned toward support of the Democratic Party doesn’t mean that one shouldn’t vote. It just means that there’s a place for voting and a […]
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