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This is the grave of Anne Sexton. Born in 1928 in Newton, Massachusetts, Sexton grew up in Boston, went to a private academy in Lowell for school, modeled, married, had a couple of kids. Now, Sexton had her issues. She was bipolar and had some pretty severe low points, especially beginning in the 1950s. In […]


On September 27, 2017

A poem, written by Robert Poston in 1921 When You Meet a Member of the Ku Klux Klan When you meet a member of the Ku Klux Klan / Walk right up and hit him like a natural man; Take no thought of babies

Goodnight Reader

In Robert Farley
On June 30, 2013
Goodnight Reader In the great google cloud there was a full text feed and folders and tags and sharing with… A random collection of internet “friends” And there were stars and there were trends And bundles And recommended items And details and statistics and RSS mush And an angry old troll who was shouting “hush” […]
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