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Goodnight Reader


Goodnight Reader

In the great google cloud
there was a full text feed
and folders and tags
and sharing with…
A random collection of internet “friends”
And there were stars and there were trends
And bundles
And recommended items
And details and statistics and RSS mush
And an angry old troll who was shouting “hush”

…Goodnight cloud
Goodnight feeds full text
Good night trends
And good night internet “friends”
Goodnight folders
Goodnight tags
Goodnight stars
And Goodnight recommended items
And Goodnight bundles
Goodnight details and statistics
Goodnight RSS mush
And goodnight to angry old troll who was shouting “hush”
Goodnight Reader

Going with Feedly and Pocket. Liked the concept behind OldReader, but it just doesn’t have the features I want.

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