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I was genuinely shocked that the Trump National Labor Relations Board didn’t target graduate student unions at private institutions sooner than it did. For several presidencies now, Democrats have ruled that graduate students are workers and Republicans have ruled that they not. After the Obama NLRB ruled that they are workers, there was real progress […]

Cleaning House

On January 21, 2021

Among the many odious appointments of Donald Trump is Peter Robb, to be general counsel at the National Labor Relations Board. This guy is the ultimate industry hack who helps lead an agency he would

The Trump NLRB is so, so special. In a series of five memos to their regional directors the NLRB instructed them to dismiss various cases regarding COVID-19 related charges against employers. The board concluded that an employer is not obligated to engage in midterm bargaining regarding union proposals for paid sick leave and hazard pay […]
I’ve wondered for some time whether Harvard and Brown’s relative acceptance of graduate student unionization campaigns wasn’t predicated on their confidence that the Trump NLRB would rule that graduate students aren’t workers, so why bother with the headache and bad publicity of fighting the union? I have no way of knowing this is true, but […]
Ever since Scott Walker took over as governor of Wisconsin in 2011 the Republican strategy has been to throw everything at workers at once, overwhelming their ability to resist. This strategy has led to the rapid repeal of worker rights in states such as Michigan, Iowa, and Missouri. It also been wholeheartedly adopted by the […]
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