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On July 3, 1903, members of Mill and Smetlermen’s Union No. 93 met at Elyria Town Hall in Denver, Colorado and decided to go on an immediate strike. This strike, while unsuccessful, was a critical moment in laying the groundwork for the creation of the Industrial Workers of the World in 1905. Smelter workers had […]
On September 8, 1909 workers return to work after victory in the Pressed Steel Car Company strike at McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania, a huge and unexpected victory for the American working class during this dark time of workplace repression. The Pressed Steel Car Company was a factory owned by the capitalist Frank Norton Hoffstot in McKees […]
On September 21, 1908, the Industrial Workers of the World met for its 4th annual convention in Chicago. This convention would reshape the struggling nascent organization, moving it clearly from an intellectuals’ movement to a workers’ movement. Founded in 1905, by 1908 the IWW hadn’t really done much of anything and its future was murky. […]

IWW History Project

On January 23, 2016

If you have a few minutes, checking out the IWW History Project at the University of Washington is well worth your time. It contains a lot of great visuals, maps, timelines, etc. The labor historian J

On December 4, 1907, President Theodore Roosevelt ordered federal troops to the gold mining town of Goldfield, Nevada to bust a strike of workers affiliated with the Industrial Workers of the World and Western Federation of Miners. This event shows both the potential of the IWW to win actions and the extent to which the […]
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