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I want to thank Dan for his discussion of progressives and trade from a few days ago. I would have liked to respond sooner but I just got back from traveling and have been resting and catching up on things. I basically agree with everything in Dan’s post, but I want to comment on a […]
United Steelworkers president Leo Gerard makes a good point about how Trump’s political rhetoric about “bringing American jobs home” completely contradicts actual Republican policy. Will it matter when Trump’s promises are proven lies? That American-job-creating, buy-American thing is supported by 71 percent of the American public. But it is a smack in the face to […]

Labor Union Myths

On September 6, 2016

Moshe Marvit has an op-ed in the Washington Post debunking five myths about labor unions. A couple are particularly notable. Myth No. 3 Right-to-work laws would bankrupt unions. For the past year, uni

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