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I put a poll up on Twitter with the aim of provoking some discussion. If the United States dissolved tomorrow, leaving 50 independent states, how many would qualify as “fully” or “mostly” democratic within 10 years? — Neo-New Nationalist (@dhnexon) July 1, 2018 I’m curious what LGM readers think, particularly in terms of which states […]

Lessons from Turkey

In General
On December 1, 2016
Over at my other digs, Kindred Winecoff is running a series called “World Politics in a Time of Populist Nationalism” (which, unfortunately, he’s decided requires an acronym). They’re all ‘good’ (if you don’t calculate values of ‘good’ based on scariness quotient), but I found the most recent one—Gizem Zencirci‘s “Lessons from Turkey: Populist Nationalism and the Threat to […]

Not Good

On January 12, 2009

Concur with Spencer re: the banning of the participation Arab political parties in the next Israeli election. Such a ban effectively disenfranchises Israel’s Arab minority, making the claim that

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