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On September 29, 1962, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference announced Operation Breadbasket, a boycott campaign against companies that refused to hire African-Americans. This was part of the larger civil rights campaigns around economic and workplace justice, which are often trivialized or forgotten completely by people who prefer easy narratives about individual rights and sitting in […]
This is the grave of Julian Bond. Born in 1940 in Nashville to Horace Mann Bond and Julia Bond, Julian grew up in a household where education mattered more than anything. His father was a college president after all. He graduated in 1957 from a Quaker prep school in Pennsylvania and went to Morehouse College. […]
The historian Thomas Sugrue notes how “civility” has long been used by conservative forces against people of color and bemoans how even Democratic Party leaders fall into the trap of promoting it in the face of fascism. This sugarcoating of protest has a long history. During the last major skirmish in the civility wars two […]
This is the grave of James Baldwin. Baldwin was born in 1924 and was raised by his mother and an awful stepfather. Avoiding his enormous, poor, and abusive family, Baldwin spent as much time in libraries as he could and of course, he was a genius so he picked up everything he could. He started […]

Dick Gregory, RIP

On August 19, 2017

The great Dick Gregory, one of the most amazing living Americans, has died. Gregory was both a pioneering comedian who influenced people such as Richard Pryor and someone who was at the front lines of

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