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What a racial paradise. The cars came one by one, down a gravel road and through a cotton field, to the edge of the Tallahatchie River and the spot where, 64 years ago, historians believe Emmett Till’s lifeless body was pulled from the river. The vehicles carried Till’s relatives, including a cousin, community leaders, the […]
This is the grave of Andrew Goodman. Born in 1943 in New York, he grew up in a liberal Jewish family committed to social justice issues. After spending a short time at the University of Wisconsin, he transferred to Queens College. There he got involved in acting and became friends with a young songwriter named […]
This is just great. WATCH: During her confirmation hearing this morning (yes, this morning – in 2018), judicial nominee Wendy Vitter refused to say whether she agreed with the result in Brown v. Board of Education. #UnfitToJudge pic.twitter.com/RWroh0XUIC — The Leadership Conference (@civilrightsorg) April 11, 2018 I assume overturning Brown will be on the Republican […]
This is the grave of Whitney Young. Born in 1921 in Kentucky to an upper-middle class family deeply involved in black education and civil rights, Young graduated from Kentucky State University, the state’s HBCU in 1941. He went to MIT to train in electrical engineering and then when he joined the military during the war, […]

Dick Gregory, RIP

On August 19, 2017

The great Dick Gregory, one of the most amazing living Americans, has died. Gregory was both a pioneering comedian who influenced people such as Richard Pryor and someone who was at the front lines of

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