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Why is the U.S.-Canada border still closed to vaccinated people? I can fly to Europe if I want to. But I can’t drive to Niagara Falls. The point of vaccinations is that you have done what you need to do to protect yourself and others. You are safe and responsible. But the way I’m reading […]
On July 1, 1962, doctors in Saskatchewan went on strike to try and stop the province from creating a universal healthcare system. A reminder that not all strikes are inherently good, this attempt by elites to withhold their labor so that workers with less money than they would not receive good healthcare was a pretty […]
On June 25, 1919, the strike committee leading the Winnipeg General Strike called off the strike, effective the next morning. Perhaps the most famous strike in Canadian history and unquestionably the largest, this event demonstrated the lengths that the Canadian government would go to crush unionism while also laying the groundwork for the nation’s eventual […]

Sue the Sweatshops

On May 30, 2017

Canada slightly improves in my esteem after its ketchup-related crimes by moving in a very positive direction on holding its corporations accountable for sweatshop labor overseas. Many countries do no

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