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Over half a decade has passed since the Rana Plaza sweatshop collapsed and 1,138 workers were killed making your clothes. Since you haven’t done anything about it, your politicians haven’t prioritized it or even mentioned it, and your companies have actively fought against any accountability, nothing has improved. The Workers Rights Consortium has a new […]
Yet another way to celebrate American awesomeness today before you blow off your fingers and, even worse, put ketchup on your hot dogs, is to remember how we rely on global slavery and other forms of labor exploitation to make the products we use everyday, probably including what you are wearing right now, your fireworks, […]

Life in the Factory

On January 18, 2016

What is life like in a Bangladeshi garment factory for women workers? It’s not good. “What happened when you formed the union?” asked the interviewer from the Bangladesh Center for Worker So

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